Thread repair insert | Crack repair engine block cover – RA Power Solutions

RA power under takes repair of threads and cracks which get damaged due to accident following are advantage

  • Threads of various parts like engine block, turbine casing, cam block get damaged due to the stress or accident
  • Damaged threads are repaired by our engineers onsite without dismantling of the parts
  • The portable lightweight special purpose machines are carried to the site for all the operations required for repair for damaged threads
  • New inserts are fitted in the damaged threads maintaining the same dimensions as of originals. Same size of bolts are used.
  • In case of cracks observed on the threads hole area which is common due to accident it is repaired by the metal lock and metal stitching process.
  • The repairs of damaged threads by using the insert saves the part from rejection and saving to the owners

RA power has experience of more than  40 year in repairing of damaged threads and cracks in mechanical equipments all the repairs undertaken are guaranteed for satisfactory performance.

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