Metal locking of Engine Block by Experienced Technicians – RA Power Solutions

An engine block of Wartsila 18V32 was reported damaged by South American power plant due to failure of connecting rod. The engine was just out of warranty and the cost of bare engine block quoted was exorbitant with the delivery time 9 months.

RA Power Solutions technicians have successfully undertaken the repair of damaged engine block of Wartsila 18V32 by metal locking and metal stitching process. The block was repaired while it was on the foundation and without disassembly of crankshaft and major components. The damaged portion was measuring 72 inches X 42 inches approx.

Metal locking and metal stitching is executed by experienced engineers having record of repairing engine block and major engine components exceeding more than 1300 numbers in last 40 years.

 A cost effective, quick in response and sincerity are the main advantages of getting repairs done by RA Power Solutions.

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